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Fusilli Pastificio Antiche Tradizioni di Gragnano

Corkscrew Pasta


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This particular Fusilli is extruded and rolled through the bronze dies of Pastificio Antiche Tradizioni di Gragnano in the small town of Gragnano. Widely celebrated as the birthplace of dried pasta, Gragnano produces the finest pastas in the world, with a firmer, al dente bite and a signature roughness that marvelously clings to sauces of any kind.
Campania Southern Italy


Originating in Southern Italy, fusilli is made by rolling fresh spaghetti around a small rod before drying, creating a quirky shape that resembles a small spring or corkscrew. Antiche’s Fusilli di Gragnano is made with 100% durum wheat semolina and spring water sourced from Gragnano. The bronze die extrusion and slow drying process unique to pastas di gragnano produces a better tasting, firm toothiness with a signature roughness that creates an exquisite base for any pasta recipe.


Al dente fusilli, or pasta that is firm to the tooth without being soft, takes an average of 10 minutes to cook. Because of its twisted shape, fusilli is best served over light smooth sauces such as pesto and cream-based sauces that can cling to the spiral grooves of the pasta. If you’re looking for a twist to the standard sauces, why not whip up a simple and healthy pasta salad? Toss these in with summer vegetables, slices of Fattorie Garofalo Mozzarella Bufala and vinaigrette dressing for a light, hearty dinner!

The Birthplace of Dried Pasta

Just south of Naples lies a hilltop town known for producing the best dried pasta in the world. Lovingly referred by the locals as Oro di Gragnano–the gold of Gragnano–this little town is celebrated for its air-dried, bronze-extruded pasta.

Recognized by the European Union as a PGI product (“Protected Geographical Indication”), Pasta di Gragnano ensures a strict standard of quality. Made with only high quality durum wheat, fresh spring water sourced from the nearby Mount Lattari and extruded through a bronze dye, pastas made in Gragnano produce an amazingly al-dente bite and a signature roughness that clings beautifully to any pasta sauces. Today, only 16 pasta producers are recognized for true Pasta di Gragnano, one of which is Antiche Tradizioni di Gragnano.

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool dry place.

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