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Live â„–3 French Fine de Claire Oysters

Freshly Flown From Normandy

Expe­ri­ence the fresh­ness of oys­ters flown in week­ly from France, orig­i­nat­ing from the love­ly bay of Mont Saint Michel. With â„–0 and â„–1 denot­ing the biggest sizes of oys­ters, the No3 oys­ters pro­vid­ed to you are of the mid­dle size, mak­ing it per­fect for your appe­tiz­er offer­ings. Get the taste of the sea with each bite. 

Oys­ters are air­flown from France. Pre-order your oys­ters by Fri­day and receive them Sat­ur­day of the fol­low­ing week.

Tast­ing Notes from the Curator

These oys­ters are the culi­nary pearls for your palate. Cul­tured on the French Atlantic coast, Fine de Claire is the favorite oys­ter of peo­ple who love less fleshy and more juicy oys­ters with a bal­anced taste. This oys­ter must be refined in the shal­low water of the claires basins, accord­ing to a strict­ly stip­u­lat­ed num­ber of months and a max­i­mum lim­it on the num­ber of oys­ters per square meter. The result is a less meaty but juicy oys­ter rich in water, with translu­cent or white man­tle, an earthy fla­vor, smooth with an incred­i­ble lin­ger­ing after taste.


There are a vari­ety of recipes you can use to fea­ture these trea­sures of the sea. You can serve it raw and driz­zle it with Mignonette sauce, served chilled and fresh. Or if you’re up for a more fill­ing choice, serve it as a stew or broil it with herbs, sea­son­ings, and butter.

The Best from France

The â„– of oys­ters des­ig­nate the size ( cal­iber ) of the oys­ter. â„–3 is the medi­um one, and the favorite cal­iber of the French peo­ple. Each oys­ter is approx­i­mate­ly 66 – 85g. These oys­ters are week­ly flown from France, specif­i­cal­ly from The Mont-Saint-Michel Bay which is locat­ed between Brit­tany and the Nor­mandy penin­su­la. The bay is part of the club of the world’s most beau­ti­ful bays and is list­ed as a UNESCO world her­itage site. The emblem­at­ic â„–3 Oys­ter from these love­ly waters are rec­og­niz­able by its typ­i­cal briny flavour.

Dis­claimer on Avail­abil­i­ty of Pre-Ordered Items

This prod­uct is clas­si­fied as a Pre-Ordered Item at The Bow Tie Duck and will only be avail­able while pro­duc­er from over­seas is able to sup­ply and allow air-flown deliv­ery. Shall there be any deliv­ery can­cel­la­tion, ​“out of stock” or even ​“out of sea­son” notice after pur­chase, you will be con­tact­ed by our Sup­port right away. After which, a refund, prod­uct replace­ment or a deliv­ery delay will be put forth, under your choosing. 

Storage Instructions

Oys­ters are flown week­ly from France to your doorstep. Store them in your fridge as soon as received. Enjoy them with­in 48 hours for the best experience. 

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