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Laudemio Gonnelli 1585 Frantoio di Santa Tea Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Holy Grail of the Harvest


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In the Middle Ages, Laudemio Extra Virgin Olive Oil was hailed the Holy Grail of the Harvest and was only destined to be served at the tables of Lords. With a recipe that dates back to 1585, the Gonneli family takes pride in producing an oil so fine that it brings out the inimitable and unique expression of the olive fruits and the place of origin in historic Frantoio di Santa Tea. Feel like the Lord of your home with this in hand at the dinner table.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

An extra virgin olive oil that comes from the careful selection of green olives, delicately hand picked and cold pressed. This emerald green oil possesses a strong flavor with an intense aroma of fresh olives, artichokes and wild grass. Its full-bodied and well balanced taste is ultimately harmonious with a marked fruity, herbaceous sensation and slight hints of green tomato.


The Frantoio di Santa Tea Laudemio Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the perfect partner for finishing risotto or fish. It can also be used as a dressing to salads.

At the Heart of Tuscany

The Frantoio di Santa Téa is located on the Reggello plateau at 400 m. slm on the Arno valley, in the heart of Tuscany. The altitude, the perfect sun exposure and the well-drained soil make this area ideal for the cultivation of olives. Operating only in accordance with the current provisions of Organic Agriculture, they cultivate the olives without the use of pesticides or fertilizers.

Today the Frantoio di Santa Téa in the world of Extra Virgin Olive Oil represents one of the most advanced realities both in a qualitative and technological sense .Their exclusive production system is renewed every year. The olives used are all certified in their traceability, guaranteeing consumers maximum transparency. The olives are pressed within 15 hours of their collection . Extraction only in cold, in partial absence of oxygen and under nitrogen.

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool dark place.

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