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Mt. Martha Mussels

Large and succulent


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Harvested in the early morning, these mussels are grown in the seas off Mt. Martha in Victoria. They are large and plump, with a succulent meat that has a nice sweet flavor.


These mussels are from the pristine seas off Mt. Martha, in Victoria, Australia, harvested in early in the morning. Their shells are tear-dropped and dark, and they have a large, plump, meaty flesh of a cream to orange color. They have a tender texture, with a nice slight chewiness and a subtle crunch. Mt. Martha Mussels are juicy, with a nice sweet, briny flavor.


These Mt. Martha Mussels are wonderful steamed with white wine, garlic, and parsley. Try it also baked with cheese, in tomato sauce, drizzled with garlic butter, or as part of a seafood pasta.


Mussel, which means “bivalve mollusk,” takes its name from another animal. Albeit a little strange of a connection. This little creature of the sea has a name derived from the word “mus,” which in Latin means “mouse.” It was thought that its size and its color resembled a “little mouse,” or “musculus.” Old English made it a little more confusing, as some spellings included “mucxle,” “muscule,” and “musscel,” and as such, was confused with the word “muscle.” The official spelling of the mussel as seafood, distinct to the bodily tissue, was first recorded in 1600. But it was only officially established in the 1870s.

Storage Instructions

Store your fresh shellfish in the fridge, keeping the temperature between 0 to 5°C. Place it in a bowl with ice at the bottom—or if you have the room, place ice in a large bowl, then place the shellfish in a slightly smaller bowl to sit in the large one—and cover everything up with a wet paper towel. To enjoy them at their freshest, please consume them within 48 hours.

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