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IGP Organic Gigot/Haunch of Suckling Milk-fed Lamb from Pyrenees

Pride of the Pyrenees


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The most popular part of the lamb, the Axuria Organic Gigot Agneau de Lait is light and tender, owing to being exclusively fed with its mother’s milk.


Suckling lambs from Axuria are bred in the lush lands between the Pyrenees Mountains and the Basque valley, using a centuries-old tradition. They are fed only their mother’s milk, are not given any nutritional treatments and supplements, and do not exceed 45 days. Their mothers, the ewes, are given a specific diet to ensure they provide only the best milk. The ewes graze for at least eight months, first in the rich and remarkable pastures of the high Pyrenean mountains, and in the fall, in lower altitudes in the nearby valleys. They are also fed a diet of all-organic cereal grains.

The leg of lamb is considered the most popular and the most consumed part. This Organic Gigot or Haunch of Suckling Lamb from Axuria has a beautiful rose-colored meat, with a light, tender, melting quality, and a light, delicate taste. Axuria lambs are recognized by prestigious labels like IGP and Label Rouge.


The best way to enjoy the Axuria Organic Gigot Agneau de Lait is to roast it slowly, with some garlic and rosemary. Serve it with risotto or potatoes, and pair with a nice glass of Pinot Noir.


Axuria was born in 1983, when 162 breeders from the Basque mountains decided to assemble and create a cooperative. Its name, Axuria, comes from the Basque dialect, and means “milk-fed lamb.” From the get-go, Axuria’s mission and vision was obvious. Today, there are over 300 breeders from the valleys of the Pyrenees and Basque in this cooperative found in the heart of Basque Country. These are who take full pride in their profession and their origins. Their mission and passion remain the same—to offer quality and superior standards of meat, from lamb to cow to calf. The Axuria Cooperative stays a small structure, allowing availability and quick responsiveness, constantly at the ready to meet the needs and satisfaction of their customers.

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