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Muria Thousand Flowers Honey 250g

The Sweetness of the Spanish Countryside

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The nectar of a thousand flowers, gathered from the floras of the Spanish countryside of Taraggona, Catalonia, Tereul, Valencia and the whole Iberian Peninsula. This Spanish Thousand Flowers Honey gets its intensely sweet, floral flavour from the diverse flowers visited by its black Iberian bees from the beginning of spring to the last autumn fall.


Tasting of warm, earthy sweetness, floral notes and a subtle sourness, Muria’s Thousand Flowers Honey smells faintly of delicate flowers in full bloom. Its texture is thick and oozes when poured, its color varying from light golden to dark amber depending on the source of its nectar.


Nutrient-rich, honey is known to boost overall health, has antibacterial properties and provides a natural energy boost. A simple recommended recipe is a spoonful of honey stirred in with some warm water and a dash of lemon juice right before you take your morning meal.

An all-natural sugar substitute to any hot and cold drinks, Muria’s Thousand Flowers Honey is a great ingredient for any sauce or cooking recipe you feel like whipping up.

If you’re looking to spice up your next meal, we adore this gourmet grilled cheese. Fresh sourdough or baguette, butter, slices of brie and gorgonzola cheese, prosciutto di parma and figs nestling in between. Grill on a cast iron skillet and drizzle with Thousand Flowers Honey for a sumptuously sweet, golden crust.

A Beekeeping Tradition. An Award-Winning Reputation.

Established by Rafel Muria Queralt and his son, Rafel Muria Llambrich in El Perelló (known as the “honey village”) in Taragona, Spain in 1810, this is where Muria family’s beekeeping tradition bloomed. Since then, six generations of master beekeepers have taken helm within Muria. The result of tradition, complemented by exceptional know-how, constant innovation and the skills passed down from generation to generation of master beekeepers within the Muria Family has driven this company into worldwide acclaim. Its products gaining an array of international awards for its premium quality taste, and organic, all-natural product.

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool dry place.

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