Hass Avocado from Peru

The best avocado

Touted the best avocado in the world, the Hass Avocado from Peru has a texture and flavor unlike any you’ve had—creamy and rich.

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With a bumpy, dark green skin that tuns a deep purple-black as it ripens, the Hass Avocado is one of Peru’s most prized offerings. Its flesh is a gorgeous light green, and its texture is fresh and creamy. Filled with healthy fats, it’s rich and buttery in your mouth, with a slightly nutty, earthy flavor, and sweet notes.


What can’t you do with an avocado? The classic Filipino way to enjoy it is, of course, fresh from the refrigerator and eaten with milk and sugar. You can also toss your Hass avocados in a blender and make deliciously healthy smoothies and shakes. Use it for your avocado toast, smeared on delicious bread and topped with a fried egg. You can use it in your homemade sushi, and of course, in your guacamole. Slice it up once it ripens, and include it in your sandwiches and veggie burgers.


The Hass Avocado was named for a Californian mail carrier by the name of Rudolph Hass. He used his savings to buy a half avocado grove and acre in La Habra, California. He planted the first avocado seed in late 1920’s, and tried to graft another variety of avocado to it. But even after many tries, none of the grafts took. He initially wanted to cut the tree down, but a professional grafter told him to leave it alone.

The tree turned out to be a massive success. It produced incredible fruit, tastier and creamier than the Fuerte variety, which was the popular one at the time. He was able to sell it to friends and family, and eventually to groceries and markets. Rudolph Hass had the Hass Avocado patented in 1935.

Leave your Hass avocados on the counter top if not quite ripe. Once it ripens, keep in the refrigerator. Consume within two days of ripening.

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