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Simply the best jams in the world. By the “Jam Fairy” of Alsace.

If you ask Alain Ducasse, Michel Troisgros, Le Crillon, Meurice, Georges V, Four Seasons Hong Kong hotels, or even Pierre Hermé which jam they use, you will have only one answer: Christine Ferber.

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What is a good jam? A good jam is a jam that preserves the fundamental taste of the perfectly ripe seasonal fruits, but still firm. Its texture should be soft, not too sticky, and contain nice chunks of fruits. The colour should be the one of the fruit. Too dark, the jam cooked too long and the taste will be too caramelised, hiding the fruit essential taste. Christine Ferber’s jams are the closest to perfection. All chefs agree on that. All food critics too. We do too. And we are sure you’ll do too.

We made a selection of 6 emblematic jams for you:

  • Fraises d’Alsace / Alsatian Strawberry - Melting soft berries that taste luscious and rich, as though they’d been poached in butter.
  • Peche Blance et Orange Maltaise/ White Peach with Orange Maltaise - another delicious and melting fruit jam for the morning.
  • Myrtille des jardins d’Alsace/ Blueberry from Alsace - the depth of the blueberry flavours and the richness of the Ferber’s know how.
  • L’an neuf / Figs, Malta Oranges, Gingerbread - a taste of Christmas all year long, beautiful with some cheeses and foie gras.
  • Mirabelle de Nancy / Mirabelle Plums and Rose Petals - a spring favorite
  • Abrigot / Apricot - plump, sweet and tangy bits in every jar.


The Strawberry, Blueberry and Peach & Apricot variants will be perfect for your mornings, on a nice bread or pancake. The Figs, Malta Oranges, Gingerbread will be amazing to elevate your cheese board ( Mons Cheese selection ) or your foie gras experience.

The Jam Fairy

Christine Ferber comes from the same small village as Pierre Hermé’s mother. She met Pierre Hermé when they were both in their teens, and both training as pastry chefs in Paris. That’s when she started to fall in love with jam making. “When she went back to the village and told her father she wanted to make jam, he said no, claiming it wouldn’t sell,” Mr. Hermé says. “I insisted she not listen to him, and now I don’t know anyone in the world who makes jam like she does.” He says her secret is putting a lot of love into her work. “That’s why it’s always so good.” She produces everything from her little shop in Niedermorschwihr, Alsace.

Jars of jams and jellies must be stored in a cool, dry place, ideally in your pantry. After opening, it is best to refrigerate them and consume them within 6 months.

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