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Free-Range Turkey from France (Oven Ready)

The star of your holiday dinner table


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Ready to cook, this free-range turkey is succulent and soft, with an incredible refined taste. It will take centerstage on your holiday dinner table, guaranteed.
Centre Central France


Perfect for the upcoming holidays, this free-range turkey is oven ready. They’re hardy birds of yellow strain, with black-bronze plumage. Raised in small flocks, these turkeys were allowed to roam freely on both grassy and shaded areas, and fed mostly cereals.

This holiday bird has a soft and succulent meat, with a subtle, but rich and refined taste. It’s juicy and delicious, and will definitely be the star of the show.


A very good turkey doesn’t need much in the way of cooking. And this is a very good turkey. A simple roast will do, highlighting its wonderful flavor and succulence. Keep basting it with its cooking juices to preserve its softness, and serve with glazed vegetables or mashed potatoes.

Pair with a Pinot Noir or a Chardonnay.


Turkeys originated in the “New World,” specifically Mexico. These wild turkeys can actually fly, although they prefer running or walking. European explorers, in the early 1500s, brought some wild turkey home with them. They were domesticated in Europe, and conquerors and colonists brought them to North America later on. The turkey had a very strange journey, with some changes in between. Domesticated turkeys have white-tipped tails, and wild turkeys have dark-tipped tails.

Storage Instructions

Keep your turkey in the refrigerator, and cook within 1-2 days. If not cooking within 48 hours, keep in the freezer, and cook within 2 weeks.

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