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Castaing Duck Foie Gras Mi-Cuit

The Heritage of French Cuisine

Nes¬≠tled in the heart of Lan¬≠des, South France, Mai¬≠son Cas¬≠taing is known for pro¬≠duc¬≠ing the high¬≠est-qual¬≠i¬≠ty foie gras bred using tra¬≠di¬≠tion¬≠al, free-range farm¬≠ing meth¬≠ods and 100% nat¬≠ur¬≠al feed¬≠ing cer¬≠ti¬≠fied by France‚Äôs Label Rouge pro¬≠duc¬≠tion body. Expe¬≠ri¬≠ence French fine din¬≠ing in the com¬≠forts of your home. This delec¬≠table Cas¬≠taing Duck Foie Gras Mi-Cuit comes in 2 vari¬≠ants: 200g bloc and a pack of 2 slices, 40g each. 


Loved by epi¬≠cure¬≠ans the world over, it is an intense mul¬≠ti¬≠sen¬≠so¬≠ry adven¬≠ture on the palate. We find there is no sin¬≠gle word to cap¬≠ture the nov¬≠el expe¬≠ri¬≠ence of a beau¬≠ti¬≠ful¬≠ly pre¬≠pared piece of foie gras. 

Cas¬≠taing Duck Foie Gras Mi-Cuit is a bloc of foie gras, made of del¬≠i¬≠cate foie gras chunks meld¬≠ed into a bloc, then light¬≠ly poached at low tem¬≠per¬≠a¬≠ture (Mi-Cuit is trans¬≠lat¬≠ed to light¬≠ly cooked), giv¬≠ing it a divine¬≠ly silky mouth¬≠feel with a longer shelf life than whole foie gras.

The tast¬≠ing is deca¬≠dent. Melts in your mouth with a del¬≠i¬≠cate but¬≠tery tex¬≠ture, this foie gras exhibits an earthy rich, uma¬≠mi fla¬≠vor that doesn‚Äôt over¬≠pow¬≠er. It shines in any dish prepa¬≠ra¬≠tion, be it as a start¬≠ing appe¬≠tiz¬≠er or your entr√©e course.


Duck Foie Gras du Bloc is divine as the first course in our din­ner menu. Serve it sliced (do not spread) del­i­cate­ly perched atop fresh French baguette or toast­ed canapé bread. Keep it clas­sic or serve with accom­pa­ni­ments such as fig jam, home­made onion mar­malade, or fried chanterelle mushrooms.

For wine pair¬≠ings, it is best to keep in mind these will dif¬≠fer depend¬≠ing on how you decide to serve your foie gras‚ÄČ‚ÄĒ‚ÄČwill it be served seared, pan fried, served as an appe¬≠tiz¬≠er or an entr√©e? How¬≠ev¬≠er, we find that the sweet over¬≠tones of lemon and hon¬≠ey found in Sauternes or a Chardon¬≠nay are always clas¬≠sic com¬≠ple¬≠ments that cuts through the rich¬≠ness of the Foie Gras. Depend¬≠ing on your prepa¬≠ra¬≠tion, a aged red such as Bor¬≠deaux or a vin¬≠tage cham¬≠pagne also pairs beau¬≠ti¬≠ful¬≠ly with this ingredient..

Cer­ti­fied Label Rouge: Cru­el­ty Free, Free Range Farming

Label Rouge is a sign of qual¬≠i¬≠ty assur¬≠ance in France that sig¬≠ni¬≠fies adher¬≠ence to strin¬≠gent pro¬≠duc¬≠tion meth¬≠ods that not only pro¬≠duces food items of supe¬≠ri¬≠or qual¬≠i¬≠ty but meth¬≠ods respect¬≠ful to ani¬≠mal wel¬≠fare and the environment.

Label Rouge‚Äôs 5 Main Principles:

  • 100% Plant-Based Ani¬≠mal Feeds: Main¬≠ly cere¬≠als (70 to 75% min¬≠i¬≠mum con¬≠tent), with extra pro¬≠tein sup¬≠ple¬≠ments (peas, soy¬≠beans, etc.)
  • Free-Range or Total Free¬≠dom Poul¬≠try Farm¬≠ing Meth¬≠ods: Birds are reared in lit¬≠tle flocks and giv¬≠en plen¬≠ty of space, grass and shade
  • Poul¬≠try of Hard Breeds: Poul¬≠try of hardy breeds are select¬≠ed for their slow growth, qual¬≠i¬≠ty meat and iden¬≠ti¬≠fied as the best breed to adapt to free-range breed¬≠ing methods
  • Longer Breed¬≠ing Peri¬≠od: The poul¬≠try is reared for a longer peri¬≠od (usu¬≠al¬≠ly twice as long as a stan¬≠dard fowl), result¬≠ing in meats that are firmer and packed with more flavour
  • Strin¬≠gent Health and Farm Hygiene Stan¬≠dards: Assur¬≠ance of safer health stan¬≠dards, imple¬≠ment¬≠ed by sys¬≠tem¬≠at¬≠ic inspec¬≠tions at all stages of production

Storage Instructions

Store in fridge.

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