Thumbnail 1 - Beillevaire Crème Fraîche - Crème Crue (Raw Milk)

Beillevaire Crème Fraîche - Crème Crue (Raw Milk)

La crème de la crème


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Made of unpasteurized cow’s milk, the Crème Crue from Beillevaire is smooth and satiny, and very versatile.


This Beillevaire cream is similar to crème fraiche, except it’s made of unpasteurized cow’s milk, giving it a very slightly more sour taste to its pasteurized counterpart.

Smooth and satiny in appearance, this fresh cream from Loire-Atlantique is a beautiful bright white, and contains 44% fat.

The cow’s milk is collected every morning and evening, still warm, and the cream is matured for 24 hours, allowing the development of its full aromas and beautiful texture.


Beillevaire cream is extremely versatile, and can be consumed raw, or blended into sweet or savory dishes. A carrot-ginger soup would be incredible with a dollop of crème crue.

Or add it to your pasta sauces to elevate your creamy pastas.

Wolfgang Puck’s popular smoked salmon and caviar pizza uses crème fraiche, but crème crue is a wonderful alternative and won’t take away any of its goodness. We suggest using our Dom Petroff Smoked Salmon, and our Kaviari Oscietra Prestige Caviar for this dish.


Pascal Beillevaire was born and raised on his parents’ dairy farm in the Marais Vendéen, between the Loire River and Noirmoutier Island. He loved the dairy farm, and he sought to marry his passion for agriculture, and his passion for trade.

He began selling cream, butter, and other dairy products in the nearby local markets. He and his wife, Claudine, have since built his family’s dairy farm into a world class company.

Storage Instructions

Store in fridge. Consume no more than 3 days after opening.

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