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Hario Ceramic Coffee Mill – Mini-Slim PRO

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For the barista on the go, this 24-gram capacity grinder lets you bring your own beans to grind into your perfect cup of coffee whenever and wherever you travel. It boasts a more durable casing and a stabler grinding burr for you to grind your coffee to your desired coarseness. Sleek and easy to use, you’ll never want to go anywhere without it!


Dedicated to the design and production of high-quality heat-proof glass, Hario began as a manufacturer of laboratory glassware in 1921. They began their expansion into home goods with a coffee syphon in 1948 and, while they have become known for their coffee and tea goods, they also produce microwave-safe kitchenware, aromatherapy items, and even pet products. Until today, they are the only heatproof glass manufacturer in Japan with its own factory.


The greatest thing about manual grinders is how compact they are. Hario’s have conical ceramic burrs and are easy to adjust for coarseness. Just remove the receptable and adjust the grind adjustment nut according to the instructions, screw the receptable back in place the receptacle, and you can load in your beans. Pop the lid over them, insert the lever, and grind! At full capacity, you can make about 1 and a half servings of coffee (one serving being 15g of ground coffee to a 225g cup of water to make an 8oz mug).

Storage Instructions

To keep your grinder in good condition, it does require washing every few uses. Wash the receptacle in soapy water to get rid of residual coffee oils, but do not wet the burrs. For these, you’ll want to take an unused toothbrush or small brush to gently coax grits and particles off.

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