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Corman Liquid Butter 99.9% Fat in Tins

The perfect cooking butter


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With a high concentration of milk fat, the Corman Liquid Butter is easy to use, and perfect for both cooking and baking, enhancing everything with its unique flavor.


The Corman Liquid Butter has 99.9% milk fat, and can be used straight out of their tins. It’s made with a unique recipe using only the best raw materials that have been carefully selected for their quality. this butter has a low melting point, and is 100% natural, using no artificial flavors or additives. It has a beautifully unique butter flavor.


The Corman Liquid Butter 99.9% Fat has a low melting point, and will not burn when cooking. So, it’s great to use for emulsified sauces, and for frying, roasting, and baking. It will brown meat, poultry, and fish so beautifully, giving them a distinct flavor. it’s also great for baking, especially for pastries, brownies, tarts, and sponge cakes. Use it also to enhance the flavor of chocolate fillings in desserts.


Corman has been revolutionizing butter since 1935, and they are not slowing down. This company hails from the heart of European milk production: Belgium, and has developed innovative processes in butter production that has made it the top choice for artisan chefs everywhere.

Notably, Corman pioneered the game-changing butter sheet. Created specifically for making pastries and croissants, it has innovated the way bakers around the world work, saving more time, and giving the blessing of efficiency. Corman products are made with meticulously selected raw materials of the highest quality, incredible expertise, and natural recipes. More than 80 years of history, and Corman still remains top of the game when it comes to quality butter products.

Storage Instructions

Store in the refrigerator. This liquid butter has a very high butterfat content, and is lacking in water content, so it will keep for 12 months.

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