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Pure ghee from Amul Dairy in India is clarified butter made from water buffalo and cow milk fat, and has a variety of health benefits.


Ghee is a clarified butter that finds its origins in ancient India. It has a light, clear taste, and its flavor is likened to slightly roasted butter, with nutty notes.

With a rich aroma and granular texture, Amul ghee is pure and made with fresh milk fat from water buffalo and cow. It’s a good source of energy, and strengthens organs, muscle, gives you better digestion, and nourishes skin.


Pure ghee is usually used as an alternative to vegetable oil or coconut oil in cooking. Use it for sautéing and frying.

Another traditional way to use ghee in India is to add it onto rice, especially biryani. You can spread it on roti or plain bread. Or pour it over your popcorn, and drizzle it over your veggies.


Amul Dairy was founded in 1946, when farmers in a small town in Gujarat in Western India went on a milk stride to protest the exploitation by the local trade cartel.

With the guidance of their leaders, they put their own co-operative, the Kaira District Co-operative Milk Producers Union Ltd (now known as Amul Dairy), where the farmers themselves would be in charge of everything—from procurement, to processing, to marketing, getting rid of the middleman.

Storage Instructions

Ghee has a longer shelf life than ordinary butter, and can be kept at room temperature for at least three months, max six months. Keep in a dark, cool, and dry area as heat and moisture can cause ghee to oxidize and spoil quicker. Keeping ghee in the refrigerator can extend shelf life. When buying in bulk, you may freeze ghee and it will stay fresh for at least a year. Make sure to thaw before using.

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