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Rubia Gallega Beef Foreshank

Lean and complex


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Ideal for braising, the Rubia Gallega Beef Foreshank is not at all tough as you’d think, but juicy, with a beautiful marbling.


The foreshank is taken from the leg portion of the cow, and gets used very often, so it tends to usually be tough, sinewy, and very lean. But Rubia Gallega cows—native to Galicia, Spain, are allowed to mature and get fat, which gives their meat a beautiful marbling that makes it juicy and soft. It has an incredible deep, distinct flavor that is very unique.


The Rubia Gallega Beef Foreshank is ideal for braising and slow cooking. Try making the classic Beef Bourguinon with your foreshank, which is a braised beef stew that uses red wine, and cooked with delicious vegetables. It’s perfect hearty meal for chilly nights.


The Rubia Gallega is a beef with almost mythical status. A breed of cattle native to Galicia, an autonomous community in North-Western Spain, its name means “Galician Blond.” Named so for the usual blond color its coat exudes, although some will hold a reddish hue. It’s also called “vacas viejas” or “old cows” because these bovines are allowed to mature and graze in lush pastures for eight to 12 years before being slaughtered. They become old, fat, happy cows.

This maturity gives the meat a very distinct and deep flavor, with a great complexity from the developed marbling.

Storage Instructions

Your cut of Rubia Gallega comes frozen and vacuum packed. Store in freezer. Thaw only when about to cook. Leftover cooked meat can only be kept in the fridge for 3 to 4 more days. Consume immediately.

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