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Cherry Tomatoes on the Vine from Spain

Juicy and Sweet Delicacy

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## Juicy and Sweet Delicacy This tomatoes, airflown from Almería, Spain, are a true delicacy for your salads, dishes and pasta plates.

Tasting notes from the Curator

Produced by one of the leading producers in the south of Spain, these cherry tomatoes on the vine provide the perfect product for your summer season.

Preparation or Pairings

Just slice them in two, add a little bit of salt and a good olive oil, and enjoy. You can also add some Burrata or Mozzarella di Buffala.

Storage Instructions

Tomatoes thrive in a cool cellar. The coldness of fridge may cause your tomatoes to curl up too fast. Ripe tomatoes can remain in room temperature provided they will consumed within the next 4 days. Never place unripe tomatoes in your fridge. If tomatoes are beginning to be softer to touch and are possibly overripe, you may store in the vegetable chiller of your fridge to prolong life but it is ideal that you already consume them in the next 24 hours to avoid spoilage.

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