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Kurimu Matcha

Magnificent matcha


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Lovers of matcha will be delighted with this offering from local ice creamery, Kurimu. Delicious and smooth, it’s some incredible ice cream.


The Kurimu Matcha ice cream has a fluffy, smooth texture. it’s creamy, rich, and aromatic. The dusky green color comes from the authentic premium-grade Uji matcha it’s made with. And it’s loaded with the beautiful matcha flavor—no skimping here! It’s perfectly balanced in flavor, bitter and sweet, and completely tasty. It’s also gluten-free and nut-free!


A delightful ice cream experience, Kurimu Matcha can definitely be eaten on its own. It’s great for a hot day. Drizzle it with some white chocolate fudge sauce, or some red bean paste. It’s also great with strawberries, or any other fruit, like pineapple, mango, and kiwi.


Kurīmu only uses the best ingredients, and each tub of ice cream is carefully crafted. They toast and hand-pound black sesame seeds for their Black Sesame Ice Cream, and meticulously cook caramel and soy sauce together for their Shoyu Caramel. It’s a company that prides itself in the quality and care that they put into each pint. Doing simple things well is a motto they adapted from Japanese culture, one that seeps into their work, creating incredible flavors that will keep you wanting more.

Storage Instructions

Kurīmu Ice Cream is freshly churned daily, and contains no preservatives. Keep it fresh by storing it at the back of your freezer (where it is coldest), and making sure the lid is tightly shut, to prevent moisture and other contaminants from getting in. It is best consumed within 2-3 months.

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