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Kurimu Shoyu Caramel

Sweet and salty, strange but scrumptious


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A combination of flavors very few people would expect, Kurīmu Shoyu Caramel has a complex taste—a uniquely Japanese-inspired sweet-savory delight.


Soy sauce and caramel would sound strange, and even more so as an ice cream. But trust us when we tell you it works. There’s a reason this is one of Kurīmu’s most popular flavors.

The smooth creamy ice cream envelopes a beautifully balanced and carefully combined blend of salty soy sauce and sweet caramel, creating a complex flavor with a hint of umami. If you want a little comparison, it would be similar to salted caramel. But better.


It’s tempting to eat Kurīmu Ice Cream straight out of the tub, and we wouldn’t blame you if you did!

Trust us when we tell you to try this flavor out on its own first. Then try a scoop on top of a fudgy brownie, or a slice of decadent chocolate cake. Delicious!


Soy sauce originated in China around the time of the Western Han dynasty, centuries ago. When it was introduced to Japan, however, the recipe changed into a version that used both soybeans and wheat. This was called shoyu.

The addition of wheat separates it from regular Chinese soy sauce, which has a rich and assertive flavor, and works for other dishes. Shoyu, on the other hand, has a more delicate, rounded flavor, with a subtle sweetness.

Storage Instructions

Kurīmu Ice Cream is freshly churned daily, and contains no preservatives. Keep it fresh by storing it at the back of your freezer (where it is coldest), and making sure the lid is tightly shut, to prevent moisture and other contaminants from getting in. It is best consumed within 2-3 months.

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