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Kurimu Kinako Vanilla

Vanilla, leveled-up


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To anyone who thinks vanilla is boring, we offer you Kurīmu’s Kinako Vanilla. It’s deliciously creamy, with a great flavor that will definitely change your opinion of the classic flavor.


Vanilla is a classic flavor, creamy and unique, and absolutely delicious. It’s also a very versatile flavor, able to pair with other flavors perfectly. Enter kinako, roasted soybean flour from Japan. Kurīmu Ice Cream decided to combine the two, and the result is brilliant.

Kurīmu Kinako Vanilla is like a leveled-up vanilla ice cream. The kinako adds a roast peanut flavor that truly elevates the entire thing. And as a bonus, this ice cream is gluten-free, and despite it tasting nutty, is completely nut-free.


Absolutely delicious on its own, the Kurīmu Kinako Vanilla ice cream is also great with a drizzle of chocolate syrup. You can also try with a dollop of fruit jam, or sprinkle some crushed nuts over it. You can also use it for a nuttier affogato, just pour some high quality espresso over a scoop or two of Kurīmu Kinako Vanilla.


Kinako, or “yellow flour” in Japanese, is a roasted soybean flour commonly used in Japanese cuisine. Soybeans are toasted, then ground into a fine powder. Some varieties retain the toasted skin, while some remove it.

It tastes a little similar to peanut butter, and usually used to flavor some foods. Often, it is used to coat dango, a Japanese treat made from rice flour or mochiko. And because it’s made of soybeans, it also has many nutritional benefits. It contains B vitamins, protein, dietary fiber, and can help control cholesterol levels.

Storage Instructions

Kurīmu Ice Cream is freshly churned daily, and contains no preservatives. Keep it fresh by storing it at the back of your freezer (where it is coldest), and making sure the lid is tightly shut, to prevent moisture and other contaminants from getting in. It is best consumed within 2-3 months.

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