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Mariage Frères Lapsang Chinbara Tea

Smokey tea

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Mariage Frères’ Lapsang Chinbara is a unique black tea, made with traditional smoking methods. It has a pleasant woodsy aroma that follows through delectably to its flavor.


The Lapsang Chinbara by the Mariage Frères Tea Company is authentic Lapsang Souchong, a black tea from China that is smoke-dried over a wood fire. The dry leaves have a slightly burnt aroma, and when brewed or steeped, it has a wonderful smokey, woody scent. The aroma follows through to its flavor, woody and smokey, with notes of smoked paprika and peated whisky. It lacks the bitterness usually found in black teas, too, and thus, could be brewed stronger.


The Mariage Frères Lapsang Chinbara tea is not as bitter as other black teas, so it’s not usually sweetened. It can be taken with or without milk. It’s great to pair with equally smokey flavors, like grilled meats, eggs, and bacon. You can also have it with strong cheeses and spicy foods. For something sweet, it’s brilliant with chocolate.


In the middle of the 17th century, tea trade in France experienced a boom, with King Louis XIV and the French East India Company encouraging various expeditions and explorations to far off lands in the hopes of attaining exotic goods. It was in 1660, during these expeditions that Nicolas and Pierre Mariage joined in the tea trade, with Nicolas exploring Persia and India, and Pierre exploring Madacascar. Their descendants continued in the trade, until their experience and knowledge led them to open their first wholesale shop in Paris in 1843.

But it was in June 1st, 1854 that Henri and Edouard Mariage founded what we now know as Mariage Frères Tea Company. It imported the highest quality leaf teas from the Orient, trading with first class hotels and Parisian tea shops. And in 1983, the company shifted from wholesale to retail, opening tea houses in central Paris. In a turn of fate, its first tea emporium and salon opened in the same building where Henri Mariage had his offices more than a century ago, in rue de Bourg-Tibourg.

There are now five Mariage Frères tea rooms in Paris, and their tea is now distributed in over 60 countries around the world, offered in premium hotels, and to first class passengers on Japan Airlines.

Storage Instructions

Store your tea in odor-free, airtight containers. Keep them in a dry, dark place to avoid exposure to heat, excessive light, and humidity. Properly stored, teas will retain full potency and flavor for 18 to 24 months.

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