Delivery to: Metro Manila
Delivery to: Metro Manila
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Rangers Valley WX Wagyu Beef Collection ( Australia )

Buttery and marbled Australian Excellence


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The very best genetics for a unique Wagyu providing outstanding flavour and marbling.

Tasting notes from the Curator

The Rangers Valley WX beef provide an exquisite and buttery mouthfeel. All their cuts provide a deep umami flavour and really melt-in-your-mouth texture.

  • Wagyu WX Rib Eye MB5+ 400 - 450g : The most fatty cut, with the deepest flavours, that all steak lovers will unmistakably love. This cut is perfect to share for 2 to 3 people.

  • Wagyu WX Strip Loin MB5+ 400 - 450g : A leaner cut, but still deep in flavour and tender. The easiest to cook.

  • Wagyu WX Tenderloin MB5+ 250 - 300g : Extraordinarily tender, buttery. The cut for fine dining. Beautiful with a nice Soulard Foie Gras Escalope on top.

Preparation or Pairings

Books have been written on how to perfectly cook a steak, and the debates are still not closed.

  • Grilling will provide you the best cooking experience and a great texture and smoky flavour. But it’s not precise and needs experience to perfectly execute.

  • Sous vide will provide you amazing precision and perfectly cooked centre. You need some expensive equipment, and cooking takes a long time.

  • Sear-roasting needs an oven and a cast-iron skillet. Pre-heat both, sear the steak in the cast iron skillet, then slip into oven to finish cooking. Amazing crust, but not really precise.

  • Pan Frying, the most classic way, provides great crust, but is also imprecise and demand experience to perfectly execute.

In all these situations, we recommend using a good meat thermometer ( beware of affordable ones, they are not precise ) :

  • Extra-rare : Core at 80 to 100℉

  • Rare : Core at 120 to 125℉

  • Medium Rare : Core at 130 to 135℉

  • Medium : Core at 140 to 145℉

  • Medium Well: Core at 150 to 155℉

  • Well Done : Core at 160℉ and above.

Of course, we recommend you to enjoy your steaks Medium Rare.

An Award Winning and Innovative Approach to Breeding

Rangers Valley has adopted an innovative approach mixing genetics and respect of the natural life cycle of their cattle.

By selecting exceptional Wagyu sire and breeding with exceptional specimen chosen for their marbling, adaptability, they created a unique WX offspring that his prized by chefs all around the world.

This exceptional cattle is then slow fed for 360 days, without any HGP ( hormone growth promoting). This natural growth promotes exceptional marbling, flavour and melt in your mouth tenderness.

Storage Instructions

Keep in your freezer once delivered. All our WX steaks are blast frozen to ensure exceptional quality.

To thaw your steaks, you can either:

  • Thaw them in the refrigerator for around 12 to 18 hours

  • Thaw them in Cold water ( quick thaw method ), in their vacuum pack, for 20 to 40 mins in a large bowl of cold water.

Never thaw at room temperature.

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