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Kalios Sage

Filled with aromatic, herbal richness


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This dried sage from Kalios comes in branches, ready to use and very aromatic. It’s great for rubs, seasonings, and marinades.
Greece Europe


The Kalios Sage is harvested by hand in the mountains. These small branches are dried in the shade, preserving all of its aromatic richness. It has a pronounced herbal flavor, earthy and slightly peppery, with light notes of eucalyptus and lemon.


The Kalios Sage is perfect to spice up tomato-based dishes. It’s ideal with white meat and lamb, and great for marinades and rubs. You can also infuse it in honey, or use as seasoning for roast vegetables.


Brothers Pierre-Julien and Grégory Chantzios were born to a Greek father and a French mother. Raised near Toulouse, they spent their childhood going between the two European countries, always being surrounded by their rich cultures.

Their Greek family has been producing olive oil in in the Kalamata region, in the southern area of Greece, for eight generations. And it was in 2010 that they decided to take on the expansion of their family’s business, and founded Kalios. In January of that year, right after the harvest, they drove to Paris on their motorbikes, bringing with them the olives and olive oils. They arranged spontaneous tastings in restaurants, having the chefs sample their wares. In only two months, they were able to sell 12 two-kilo jars of olives, 18 jars of olive paste, and 30 five-liter cans of olive oil. It was only the beginning!

Today, Kalios is sold in over 80 high-end restaurants, and has become a staple in the Greek grocery industry. It’s used by over 1000 chefs, including some of the world’s best. It’s now also found in some of the biggest Paris delicatessens— La Grande épicerie de Paris, Galeries Lafayette Gourmet, and many others.

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool, dry place, away from light, heat, and humidity. Consume within 12 months.

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