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Tabladillo Al Horno y Punto Cochinillo (Ready to Cook)

Authentic succulent cochinillo


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Divinely succulent, the Tabladillo Al Horno y Punto Cochinillo is deliciously authentic, and best of all, is ready to cook. It’s the perfect thing to impress guests for last minute get-togethers.


Tabladillo makes enjoying this Segovian tradition so easy and accessible with their Al Horno y Punto Cochinillo. The phrase “al horno y punto” basically translates to “put in the oven, and serve.” And that is literally how easy it is to make this cochinillo. You’ll get a quarter portion of the highest quality suckling pig, vacuum-sealed and ready to pop into the oven.

Tabladillo carefully selects the pigs to use for their products, and prepares everything in their facilities. Their cochinillo uses no fancy or unnecessary seasonings—it’s just salt and pig. The simplicity allows the quality of the cochinillo to fully come out. And when cooked properly, the outside is wonderfully crisp and crunchy, while the inside remains soft and juicy.


Perfect to serve any time at any kind of gathering, the Tabladillo Al Horno y Punto Cochinillo is so easy to prepare.

Simply take your cochinillo out of the freezer, and let it go to room temperature. Do not remove it from the bag. In the meantime, preheat your oven to 200C. Once ready, place the cochinillo—bag and all, in a baking dish, with the skin facing upwards, and put on the oven rack. Let cook for two hours. Remove from the oven once finished, and pierce the bag to allow the hot steam to release. Very carefully remove the cochinillo from the plastic bag, strain the juice, and serve.

Traditionally, it’s paired with a Crianza red wine, but a Verdejo white wine from Rueda is also recommended. Serve with other Spanish fare, like paella, or enjoy it with something lighter like a simple green salad.


In Segovia, Spain, cochinillo is traditionally cut not with a butcher’s knife, but a dinner plate. You’ve likely seen this before, but it’s always cool to watch. Cutting the cochinillo with a plate is a way for the chef to show off their skills in the kitchen. The suckling pig is so soft and so tender that a plate would easily slice through it. The plate cracks the crispy skin and sinks into the meat easily. And yes, this authentic Segovian cochinillo from Tabladillo is just as tender when properly cooked. Try the plate cutting yourself!

Storage Instructions

Keep frozen until day of cooking. Once defrosted, use immediately. Consume within 2 weeks.

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