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Montellano Lomo de Bellota

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Made with authentic and delicious Iberian pig, the Montellano Lomo de Bellota is incredibly flavorful and delicious.


One of the most elegant cold cuts, next only to Jamon Iberico, the Lomo de Bellota comes from the loin of the iconic Iberian pig. Montellano makes sure they are 100% Iberian, and they are fed on acorns, herbs, and any natural resources they may find on pasture. The pork is marinated with oregano, sea salt, garlic, and paprika de la Vera, then cured in a natural drying room for at least 70 days.

It has a smokey, silky aroma, and its flavor is incredible. It’s beautifully marbled, with a melt-in-your-mouth consistency, and a sweet, nutty flavor.


The Montellano Lomo de Bellota arrives to you sliced and vacuum-packed. It’s ready to serve and enjoy. Eat it with some crusty bread, crackers, or picos camperos. You can include it in your sandwiches, as well. Brush a slice of bread with olive oil, layer on some slices of Lomo de Bellota, and add some walnuts and pine nuts. Drizzle some honey over the whole thing, and you have an absolutely delicious open-faced sandwich.

Pair it with Manchego cheese, and a rich red wine, or a fino sherry.


Ibericos Montellano has been a family business for four generations, and has made a name for itself as one of the most prestigious companies in the industry. Located in Mozarbez in Salamanca, the company raises their 100% Iberian pigs at 800 meters above sea level.

Their Iberian pigs are free-range, and acorn-fed, grazing the richest woodland areas, abundant in acorns and pastures. Ibericos Montellano commits itself to only the highest standards and the highest quality, meticulous in their choice of ingredients, and closely monitoring every stage of production for of their hams and sausages.

Storage Instructions

Vacuum-sealed packs of hand-carved cured meats can last up to five months in the refrigerator (never the freezer). Once the pack is opened, they’re best enjoyed within the day.

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