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TRUFF Black Truffle Hotter Sauce

Less sweet, more heat

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The “less sweet, more heat” version of the iconic original sauce. Truff ups the heat ante with their Hotter Sauce, elevating your dishes both in flavor and spice.


Made with a blend of red chili peppers, jalapeño, black truffle, black truffle oil, organic agave nectar, red habanero powder, organic cumin, and organic coriander, this combination gives you a truly unique hot sauce experience.

Truff Hotter Sauce is vegan, gluten-free, and completely preservative-free. It gives off a beautiful umami aroma, and its consistency is thicker than the usual hot sauce, making sure it sticks to your food and not slide off. The black truffle lends it prominent earthy notes, and the agave gives it a pleasant sweetness. It really is hotter than the original sauce; not an overpowering heat, but just enough to pack a punch.


Lend a sweet, spicy kick to your breakfast by drizzling Truff Hotter Sauce onto your morning avocado toasts. It’s also incredible on eggs, sandwiches, burgers, pizza, and pasta.

Make an adult version of your mac and cheese, and add this in; it will give a depth to the cheesy classic. Drizzle it onto your barbeques, pork chops, or grilled chickens. There is little limit to the possibilities Truff Hotter Sauce can give you.


Truff’s journey is a story of success only found in this era. It began as a simple Instagram account called @sauce, which founders, Nick Guillen and Nick Aljuni, dedicated to food content with an edge inspired by their love for hip-hop and streetwear.

They eventually furthered their brand in 2017, and found their niche in hot sauce, a global market that saw significant growth thanks to the growing immigrant population, and millennial foodies seeking new and adventurous flavors. Guillen and Aljuni also found that there was something lacking in the market: a condiment that gave people an elevated, luxurious experience. Thus, Truff was born.

Being a digitally native brand allowed them to build their brand, and build their audience and their clientele, and to market freely. And after only two years, brick-and-mortar retailers started to express interest. They can now be found in the department store of Neiman Marcus, in popular LA store, Erehwon, and in Whole Foods. They also made it on Oprah’s Favorite Things list in 2018, and if that isn’t incredible, we don’t know what is.

Storage Instructions

Keep your Truff sauce in a cool, dry area. Unopened, they last for 1 year. Truff sauces contain no preservatives, so they must be refrigerated upon opening.

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