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Kaviari Wild Salmon Roe

Small balls of flavor and nutrients

6 servings
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Salmon Roe from world-renowned brand, Kaviari, is as lush as you would expect. Fresh in flavor, and beautiful in texture, this is a luxury you’ll indulge in repeatedly.


Large, firm, and creamy, these eggs are from wild fish from the Northeast Pacific. Kaviari only uses the best quality ingredients, so you know this salmon roe is top of the line, just like their caviar.

Vibrant in both color and flavor, the Kaviari Salmon Roe is like nothing else. It comes in a beautiful bright orange color, and its texture is melt-in-your-mouth. Its flavor is succulent and rich, fresh and salty and completely delectable.


There are countless ways to enjoy salmon roe, the most familiar of which is on sushi. But it’s also incredible as canapes: try it on blinis with sour cream, or on cucumber slices or crackers with crème fraiche and smoked salmon.

You can also use it in your scrambled eggs, and take your breakfasts to the next level. You can even use it on pasta, or mixed with your rice.

Try it as an open-faced sandwich, even. Whip some butter (this is the most time-consuming part of this, but it’s worth it), and smear it onto a freshly toasted slice of bread. Top with a generous serving of Kaviari Salmon Roe, some chopped chives, and a drizzle of lemon juice. Delicious.


Salmon Roe, besides being truly enjoyable, is a trove of nutrients. It’s packed with almost every mineral, vitamin, and fatty acid your body needs. It has anti-inflammatory properties, as well as a good number of anti-oxidants.

It also helps maintain skin and eye health, as it is a great source of biotin and copper. It’s also one of the best protein sources, which helps support muscle health. Not only that, salmon roe is also a good source of calcium, helping bone strength.

Storage Instructions

Refrigerate salmon roe immediately; will last 3 months in the refrigerator unopened. Once opened, consume within 2 days.

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