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Truffle & Ham Coquillettes Creamy Pasta

French Gourmet Indulgence

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Savor the exquisite Truffle & Ham Coquillettes Creamy Pasta, a luxurious tribute to France's rich culinary heritage, crafted by Artisan de la Truffe.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

The Truffle & Ham Coquillettes Creamy Pasta presents a symphonic convergence of summer truffles and select ham enrobed in a luscious cream. Each component contributes its own voice to the harmonic composition—a medley evocative of rural French landscapes and the opulence of Parisian dining rooms. The summer truffle (Tuber aestivum) infuses the dish with its prosaic fragrances of woody musk, dusted elements of the earth, a whisper of elusive chocolate. The ham, representing 7.4% of the ensemble, counters with the soulfulness of a smoky melody, a meaty timbre that resounds throughout. This is comfort food transposed to a greater culinary scale. The cream and butter furnish a textural leitmotif, a rich and buttery counterpoint to the structured verse of coquillettes pasta. Within these notes, the potent warmth of white pepper interplays with a current of sweet caramel, conjuring a savory ode that reminisces of old boulangeries. Whether the truffle speaks to you with aromatic bursts or lends a sustained, earthy undertone, it endures: a reclusive truffière hidden in the breeze.

Pairings & Suggestions

  • Pair the pasta with a crisp Jura Chardonnay or a delicate Pinot Noir echoing its terroir narratives.
  • For a fulfilling main course, serve steaming alongside a simple green salad dressed in truffle vinaigrette.
  • As a rich side dish, it complements roasted or grilled meats—perhaps a tenderloin painting its own provincial tableau or poultry with herbs celebrating the rustic.
  • To finish, garnish with microplaned aged Comté, adding an aged chapter to the narrative or a drizzle of finest truffle oil, a luminary moment that elevates the denouement.

    A Chapter in French Gastronomy

Engage in the culinary tale spun by Artisan de la Truffe, where the timeless crafts of truffle hunting and charcuterie intertwine. This delectable pasta is a celebratory anthology of the finest chapters of French cuisine, each ingredient narrating its own history—a saga of terroir, artisanal pride, and gastronomic innovation. Beneath the unassuming guise of a comfort dish lies a carefully composed sonnet; the truffle and ham are the protagonists in a storyline that involves generations of devotion to the meticulous art of flavor. Dishes like this tell the story of culinary regions converging, with Périgord’s black diamond truffle uniting with the smokiness of Savoie’s hams and the tanginess of Comté—a cheese singing the ballad of Franche-Comté’s pastures. A discourse at the dining table, its every forkful is a verse that pays homage to France’s proud agrarian and culinary chapters.

Storage Instructions

Store unopened in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Once prepared, refrigerate leftovers promptly and consume within 2-3 days.

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