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Tarall'oro Tarallini Alle Olive

A hint of olive


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Enriched with olives, this taralli from Puglia is crunchy and tasty, and will earn a place in your pantry.
Puglia Southern Italy


The tarallini alle olive from Tarall’Oro is made of type 0 soft wheat flour, high oleic sunflower oil, salt, EVOO, and 4% olives.

Crunchy and delicious, the olive taste is subtle. Enough to taste, but never enough to overpower. Perfect if you want a little more flavor to your tarallini.


This Italian biscuit snack is perfect paired with some cacciatore or prosciutto. Serve as an aperitif with some cheese and charcuterie, with some sun-dried tomatoes, even. Or as a welcome addition to your bread basket.

Pair with a good red wine, or a cocktail.


Boiled bread isn’t a new thing (a tradition spanning almost six centuries!), but people are still pretty shocked when they learn of it. Bagels, pretzels, breadsticks, and yes, the Italian taralli or tarallini, all get their beginnings in a pot of boiling water.

It seems strange to think about, but the boiling of bread dough gives the bread a distinct exterior, creating a crust that gives the product its chewy texture. The boiling, and the crust that results from it, also gives the bread natural protection, giving it a longer shelf life than freshly baked bread.

Storage Instructions

Keeps well in the pantry. Once opened, store in an airtight container away from moisture. Consume within 2-3 weeks.

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