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Ponthier Chestnut Sous Vide

All-natural chestnuts, ready to use


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Incredibly convenient, the Ponthier Chestnut Sous Vide is all-natural, and are delicious and prepared with a traditional Ponthier method.


These chestnuts from Ponthier are ready-to-use and vacuum-packed. They are naturally flame-shelled, and processed in France, and contains no additives, no chemicals, and no preservatives. They’re prepared with the signature Ponthier method, one that has been upheld since 1980. They are hand-sorted then steamed in batches, and they remain tender and tasty even after being warmed.


These ready-to-use Ponthier Chestnut Sous Vide is great for anything, whether sweet or savory. You can chop them up, sauté with some parsley and pancetta, and toss with some penne. You can also crumble them up into a salad of sliced pears, radicchio, and blue cheese. They also often accompany meat, game, and poultry dishes. You can also use them to make garnishes, or fillings for pastries, and mixed in dessert recipes.


Ponthier was founded by André Ponthier and his wife in 1946 as a fresh fruit company, and they owned 80 hectares of apple trees for many years. It was in 1980 that André took advantage of the local treasure that is chestnuts, and pioneered a cooking and preserving process that resulted in the first ever vacuum-packed cooked chestnuts. So innovative was this process that it is still used today.

It is now used by the best chefs in the world, like Joel Robuchon for his restaurants, and Alain Ducasse in his École Nationale Supérieure de Pâtisserie. It’s also regularly utilized by Le Codon Bleu Paris, Lenôtre Paris, The British Culinary Federation, and other notable institutions.

Storage Instructions

Store your chestnuts in the refrigerator; it will keep for 1 week. Once opened, consume immediately.

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