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Sturia Classic Caviar 30g

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Indulge yourself a luxury tasting.

This beautiful baeri sturgeon caviar from Aquitaine, flown by air from France, will be a real treat.

Just let it pop and melt on your tongue

Caviar in an experience of the senses: so much happens in a few seconds. Its charcoal grey to golden nut brown color, its large grains and its texture, comparable to Oscietra, and its salt-sea taste with nutty finish, makes it a perfect match for an excellent Champagne. This Sturia Classic Caviar is a great caviar, praised by chefs all around the world, for its qualities and its farming process.

Please store it in your fridge, and enjoy it less than a week after delivery.

The producer Sturia Caviar

Sturia Caviar

Sturia is the flagship brand of Sturgeon – the leading French caviar producer. 
The company was set up near Bordeaux 20 years ago and has pioneered sturgeon farming in France. Its main product is the elusive caviar, which they make to perfection.

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The region Southwest of France

Southwest of France

The South West is a culinary rich region of France, where exquisite wines, foie gras, truffles, delicious sausages and cheeses are produced in a thousand years old tradition.

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