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Spuma Alpina Chinotto

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Chinotto is a classic and well-loved Italian drink, dark amber in color, and with a wonderfully bitter but rounded flavor.


A classic carbonated drink, loved in Italy, the Chinotto is made with an infusion of fruits from the myrtle-leaved orange tree. It has a dark amber color, and a surprisingly pleasant bitter flavor, but with a soft roundedness, punctuated with citrus notes.

Spuma Alpina is Fava Bibite’s line of traditional drinks combined with modern tastes, packaged in glass bottles with resealable caps. Their Chinotto is made with the peels of Ligurian citrus, combined with spices and herbs. It has a soft, velvety flavor, aromatic with a wonderful zesty and rounded dimension. It has no preservatives, no artificial sweeteners, no artificial colorings, and no artificial flavors.


This is a drink that is wonderful to enjoy on its own. It’s refreshing and pleasing, and will be great to serve on a particularly hot day. Pair the Spuma Alpina Chinotto with some grilled fish, porchetta, or arancino.


Inside the Brughiera Natural Park, in Como, Lombardy, you will find a small artisan company by the name of Fava Bibite. Italy has a big tradition of soft drinks, and this company is a big part of it.

Fava Bibite has been a family business for three generations, making quality soft drinks for more than fifty years. They use an old recipe, one that uses only natural aromas, and uses no preservatives nor sweeteners. They are the healthier alternative to other drinks, as Fava Bibite does not pack their products with sugar. Their range is wider than just soft drinks now, of course. They make tonics, ginger ales, and organic versions of cola. Whether drunk on their own, or mixed into cocktails, Fava Bibite guarantees quality and deliciousness.

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