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Malagos Capriccio

Strong, bold, nutty

This goat’s milk cheese from Davao’s famous Mala­gos Farm­house is soft, but strong, and very delicious.


Typ­i­cal to goat cheeses, this capric­cio has a washed rind, and its pĂątĂ© has a soft, vel­vety fin­ish. It exudes a strong, sight­ly pun­gent aro­ma, again, typ­i­cal of goat cheese.

On the palate, it’s strong and bold and nutty.


Goat milk cheeses go well on a cheese board, part­nered with dried fruit and olives. Lay it on some hot bread, or com­bine it with fresh pesto and smear on a cracker.

It will also go incred­i­bly with greens; ele­vate your sal­ads with this Mala­gos Capriccio.

For some­thing a lit­tle heav­ier, try mak­ing risot­to using this soft cheese. Pair with a light white, like this one from Glenel­ly Estate.


Mala­gos Cheeses were a hap­py acci­dent. Olive Puentespina’s hus­band is a vet­eri­nar­i­an, and he brought three goats to the farm. Their names were Mar­vin, Joli­na, and Rica. Yes, after the well-known 90’s Fil­ipino stars.

Olive then decid­ed she want­ed to do some­thing with the milk the goats were pro­duc­ing, but Davao was not ready to con­sume goat’s milk. Under­stand­able, as goat’s milk exudes a strong smell that isn’t all that appeal­ing to any­one unfa­mil­iar with it.

So, she decid­ed to make cheese. It start­ed with cheese for her fam­i­ly only. But appar­ent­ly, once you milk a goat, they will keep pro­duc­ing milk. For fear of accu­mu­lat­ing spoilt milk, there was no oth­er course but to start to sell­ing. The rest, as they say, is history.

Storage Instructions

Kind­ly pay atten­tion to the best before date label when you receive your cheese. Con­sume pri­or to date indicated. 

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