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Amaro Ramazzotti

A truly versatile Italian amaro


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A versatile bitter Italian amaro with an ABV of 30%, the Amaro Ramazzotti is delicious and aromatic that can work as both an aperitif or a digestif.
Piedmont Northern Italy


Made with a secret recipe that’s been close-guarded for 200 years, it constitutes 33 aromatic botanicals from around the world, including rhubarb, star anise, cinchona, and Calabrian oranges.

It has a gorgeous deep bronze amber color. It exudes berry and citrus aromas with licorice and dark chocolate notes. It’s bittersweet on the palate, complex, balanced, and strong, with a lingering berry, citrus, and bitter finish.


Amaro Ramazzotti is very versatile. The classic way to enjoy it is on the rocks, with a slice of cucumber and a sliver of ginger. You can even add a splash of soda water to zhuzh it up.

Make a Rama Gin by mixing equal parts Amaro Ramazzotti and Griffo Scott Street Gin in a glass. Fill up the rest of it with tonic water, and garnish with a cucumber slice—so refreshing!


Ausano Ramazzotti had a mission. The then-young entrepreneur and aspiring herbalist took ingredients from all of over the world, at a time when political instability and uprisings in Italy made it difficult for Milan to acquire spices. It was 1815 when, in his small laboratory, he experimented several times with blending these ingredients, in an effort to create a flavored drink that could be enjoyed at any time of the day. Thus, Amaro Ramazzotti was born. The recipe remains a secret, only passed down through generations and closely guarded.

Storage Instructions

Store your liqueur in a cool and dry area, away from sunlight and direct heat, like a pantry or a cupboard. Make sure to keep it tightly closed when not in use.

Unopened, it will remain good quality indefinitely. Once opened, you may refrigerate for better keeping. Consume within 4 to 5 years, as the flavors will start to fade.

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