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Wild Dragonfruit Kombucha by Cultur'd MNL

Strength and ferocity

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A light and refreshing drink, the Wild Dragonfruit Kombucha is made by local small business, Cultur’d MNL, and is filled with delicious health benefits.
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Legend has it that the dragonfruit came from the final burst of flames from a dragon, a thousand years ago, in the midst of a battle. Those who feasted on its flesh, they said, would attain strength and ferocity equal to a dragon. And Cultur’d MNL’s Wild Dragonfruit Kombucha will have you feeling exactly that.

The Wild Dragonfruit Kombucha has a gorgeous translucent reddish color to it. It’s made of kombucha yeast and bacteria cultures, a delicious black assam and pu-erh tea blend, raw cane sugar, and fermented dragonfruit puree. It’s light and refreshing, with a mildly sweet flavor.


The fruit bits in kombucha are edible. They are essentially preserved within the fermented drink, and will be softer, and develop a slightly more acidic taste, similar to that of the drink.

A good rule of thumb for kombucha is to pair “like with like.” Kombucha works well with other fermented and pickled foods, like pickles, sauerkraut, pickled onions, kimchi, or the local atchara. Tart and sour notes complement kombucha very well. Spicy food could also work, as the refreshing, zesty flavor of the drink soothes the palate pretty well. Fruity kombucha is also brilliant with salads and sandwiches, in fact, you can use kombucha in place of vinegar to make your vinaigrettes.

Take note to never pair kombucha with highly acidic foods; it won’t work well. Don’t consume it after coffee. Instead, you can drink it in place of coffee for your early morning beverage.


Thought to have originated in China, kombucha is a drink that has been consumed for hundreds of years. It’s fermented and lightly effervescent, and usually made with sweetened green or black tea. The tea is fermented using a “symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast” or SCOBY. The SCOBY forms a gelatinous, mushroom-like disc, known as a “mother.” The mother is also why kombucha is also sometimes called “mushroom tea.”

Kombucha is now known as a super drink, popular in health and wellness circles for its probiotic functions, which provide your gut with healthy bacteria, which, in turn, aids in digestion, reduces inflammation, and aids weight loss. It also has many antioxidants, as well as properties that improve cholesterol levels, and help reduce heart risk.

Storage Instructions

Because kombucha is a living drink, it technically does not expire, but the taste will alter. Cultur’d MNL kombucha has the dispatch date on their bottles, and are best drunk within 1 month from dispatch. Store it in the refrigerator, and keep it cold; it will last 6 months. If kept at room temperature, it will keep fermenting, and the flavor and alcohol will mature. Keeping it refrigerated is the best way to slow down the fermentation process.

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