Clai Prosciutto di Parma DOP 90g

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Known as the King of (Italian) Hams among charcuterie enthusiasts, the sweet-saltiness of prosciutto di Parma comes from both a specialized selection of meat and a curing process that lasts anywhere from 14 to 36 months. It is in itself a taste of the Romagna on a plate.

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This type of prosciutto crudo is only made from special heritage pig breeds in 11 approved regions of Italy—and has been recognized since Roman times in 100BC. The pigs are allowed to forage as they please on the farms and are also fed leftover whey from the prized Parmigiano Reggiano. The result is a lovely, sweet and nutty-flavored meat—with no additive but high-quality sea salt.

Salt masters begin the creation of prosciutto di Parma with a two-week double-salting process before the hams are washed, dried, seasoned, and greased, allowing them to absorb the natural air of the Romagna. This gives the meat its uniform red color when cut, with a sweet aroma and a silky-soft melting texture on the tongue.


Prosciutto is wonderful on its own or paired with creamy mozzarella or an Asiago. Wrap it around cubes of cantaloupe and top it all with fresh basil or skewer it onto little bocconcini—bite-sized mozzarella, basil, and cherry tomato skewers—as appetizers for an intimate gathering. Try it atop a simple bruschetta, drizzled with Frantoi Cutrera Primo DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Or, of course, make it the star of a hearty panino, perfect for lunch or a well-deserved afternoon snack.

The texture and flavor of prosciutto di Parma makes it adaptable for many a dish—and many a wine type too. If you take your prosciutto on a pizza, pour a Tuscan Sangiovese wine like Chianti. With a prosciutto-topped pasta carbonara, an oaky Pinot Grigio or Piedmontese Gavi does wonders. For a tomato salad with prosciutto roses, enjoy a Fino sherry—and should it be brunch time, pop open a yeasty Champagne!


CLAI (Cooperativa Lavoratori Agricoli Imolesi) has been producing charcuterie in Imola, in the Emilia-Romano region of Italy since 1962. A cooperative of farm workers, it is now one of Italy’s leading agri-food companies, boasting a 100% Italian supply chain. Its strength comes from the passion of its workers, dedicated to idea-sharing and using traditional as well as innovative methods that give their products recognition around the world.

Keep in your fridge especially after opening.

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