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Fresh Mussels from Holland

Meaty and sweet


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Mussels hold an important role in the Dutch shellfish industry, and these ones are fresh and tasty, with a meaty, chewy flesh.


Very sweet and very meaty, these mussels are fresh from Holland, where they have been cultivated for more than a hundred years. These superior quality mollusks are plump and juicy, with a fresh taste. Rich in protein, minerals, and vitamins, its flavor is creamy and briny, and completely delicious.


Enjoy these mussels like you would regularly. You can steam them, grill them, cook them in a stew, and use them in pastas. You can bake them with cheese, or serve them with a garlic butter sauce.


Mussels have been cultivated for 150 years in Dutch waters, and is the most important product in the country’s shellfish industry. The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority monitors the mussel industry very closely, and supervises the waters in which the mollusks are raised. More than 50 million kilograms of worldwide mussel production come from Dutch waters.

Storage Instructions

Store your fresh shellfish in the fridge, keeping the temperature between 0 to 5°C. Place it in a bowl with ice at the bottom—or if you have the room, place ice in a large bowl, then place the shellfish in a slightly smaller bowl to sit in the large one—and cover everything up with a wet paper towel. To enjoy them at their freshest, please consume them within 48 hours.

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