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Malagos Capriccio

Strong, bold, nutty


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This goat’s milk cheese from Davao’s famous Malagos Farmhouse is soft, but strong, and very delicious.


Typical to goat cheeses, this capriccio has a washed rind, and its pate has a soft, velvety finish. It exudes a strong, sightly pungent aroma, again, typical of goat cheese.

On the palate, it’s strong and bold and nutty.


Goat milk cheeses go well on a cheese board, partnered with dried fruit and olives. Lay it on some hot bread, or combine it with fresh pesto and smear on a cracker.

It will also go incredibly with greens; elevate your salads with this Malagos Capriccio.

For something a little heavier, try making risotto using this soft cheese. Pair with a light white, like this one from Glenelly Estate.


Malagos Cheeses were a happy accident. Olive Puentespina’s husband is a veterinarian, and he brought three goats to the farm. Their names were Marvin, Jolina, and Rica. Yes, after the well-known 90’s Filipino stars.

Olive then decided she wanted to do something with the milk the goats were producing, but Davao was not ready to consume goat’s milk. Understandable, as goat’s milk exudes a strong smell that isn’t all that appealing to anyone unfamiliar with it.

So, she decided to make cheese. It started with cheese for her family only. But apparently, once you milk a goat, they will keep producing milk. For fear of accumulating spoilt milk, there was no other course but to start to selling. The rest, as they say, is history.

Storage Instructions

Kindly pay attention to the best before date label when you receive your cheese. Consume prior to date indicated.

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