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Maiz Cancha (Dried Corn Cancha)

Peru’s favorite snack


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A popular snack in Peru, Maiz Cancha is a toasted corn snack that is delicious and addicting. Crunchy and tasty, dried corn cancha is a must-have in your pantry.
Peru South America


Made with a variety of corn called “chulpe” which has longish kernels, maiz cancha is toasted on a pan until very slightly puffy. Think of it as more similar to the Filipino cornick than to popcorn.

It’s slightly salty, and its starchy taste and crunchy texture make it hard to say no to. It’s absolutely delicious, so it’s no wonder it’s such a popular snack in Peru.


Maiz Cancha is very easy to prepare:

  • Heat some oil on a pan on medium high heat.
  • Add in the dried corn cancha. Start stirring once the kernels start to pop.
  • Cover with lid only partially, just to keep the corn from jumping out of the pan.
  • Keep stirring and cooking until toasted and golden.
  • Drain any excess oil on a paper towel.
  • Toss with some salt, and serve.

You can serve these as aperitif, similar to a bowl of nuts. You can sprinkle Maiz Cancha on your salads to give them extra crunch. But it’s also very perfect as a snack on its own.

It’s usually served as a side to ceviche. Maiz Cancha, ceviche, and an ice-cold beer is a winning combination.


Maiz Cancha, despite being toasted with salt, is surprisingly low in sodium. It does, however, have a high fiber content, which is beneficial to the digestive system. This dried corn cancha also contains large amounts vitamins and minerals, like magnesium, vitamin B, and iron.

Storage Instructions

Store in a cool, dry place.

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