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Dried Figs from Turkey

Turkish Figs


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Baglama Fig is a variety of luxury dried fruit presented like a rosary. Baglama means "tied", explaining its format, tied by a string at its top. They are served retaining the string for an authentic Turkish feel. Lerida Figs is a variety of Turkish dried fruit originating from Lerida region in Turkey. They are considered as the next best figs in the world, after Baglama.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Turkish dried figs are the most natural delicious and healthy fruits; actually they are very rich in antioxidants, dietary fiber and minerals. Dried figs, as compared to fresh figs, maintains its honey-like taste which at this state, will be fully absorbed into the fig’s flesh. They make good snacks and are easily digestible, a plus for the health conscious! They make good energy boosters as well.

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These dried figs are enjoyed as is. They make healthy snacks so pop some and have a go with it. Some use dried figs for baking pies when fresh figs are not available. They can also be partnered with some cheese and nuts for your apero time.

If you want to bring in a culinary twist, add chopped dried figs to braised lamb, baked hams, pork chops, and even stuffing! Dried figs become moist when braised, stewed, or added to liquids, and add a decadent depth to long-cooking recipes.

From the Known Dried Fig Producer

The cultivated fig (Ficus carica) has always been a very popular fruit in Anatolia in its homeland of fig, and then spread out to the Mediterranean region, Europe, Arabia, and Persia throughout history.

Turkey produces the 60-70% and and exports 75% of World’s dried fig. These statistics make Turkey as the biggest dried fig producer and exporter in the World. Izmir, Odemis, Tire, Aydin, Germencik, and Ortaklar are the main cultivation sites.

Dried figs are consumed in world cuisines in many different forms such as inside bakery products, in jams, marmalades or in many confectionery products as a delicious ingredient.

Storage Instructions

The dried fig fruit is dry, it can be stored at room temperature or over a longer period in a cool place (10 ° C) in an airtight container. This fruit can be kept for 1-3 months.

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