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Petrossian Ossetra Royal Caviar

Luxurious Epicurean Delight


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Discover Petrossian Ossetra Royal Caviar, a beacon of gastronomy, marrying sustainability with refined indulgence.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

Embark on an intimate journey across a mosaic of flavors and textures with Petrossian Ossetra Royal Caviar. This opulent treasure of the seas reveals a mineral-rich aroma reminiscent of its aquatic provenance, bringing forth images of ancient rivers and majestic sturgeons. Its flavor is a curated symphony with a predominant savory brine underscoring its marine lineage. Intrusions of nutty complexity play alongside subtle hints of dried fruits, culminating in a toasted, lingering aftertaste that gratifies the discerning palate. The texture? A firm yet transcendent tenderness conveys both the caviar’s stalwart freshness and the meticulous attention to its nurturing and harvest. This product’s real tour de force lies not merely in its individual tasting notes, but also in the harmonious weave of an ocean’s terroir, a dance of the Caspian and Parisian savoir-faire, offering an inimitable and unrivaled experience within the realm of haute cuisine.

Pairings & Suggestions

The resplendence of Petrossian Ossetra Royal Caviar lends itself to the accompaniment of unflavored vodka, chilled to perfection, or the effervescence of a vintage Champagne, to cleanse the palate and amplify the intricate nuances. As a versatile cornerstone of the high culinary arts, it is poised to elevate the simplest of dishes, such as buttered toast points, or to grace the opulent canvases of scallop carpaccio and lobster tails. Whether served atop a delicate blini or within a symphony of seafood medleys, this caviar sparks culinary imagination while respecting the esteemed history of its indulgence.

The Artisanal Majesty of Caviar Ossetra

Feasting upon Petrossian Ossetra Royal Caviar, one partakes in a narrative woven into the fabric of gourmand history. The Petrossian family, since their Parisian inception in the 1920s, has preserved the artisanal majesty of caviar crafting. Their scrupulous selection and proprietary maturation process, transcending generations, consolidate this gem’s place in the pinnacles of gastronomy. Engaging in the heritage of the Ossetra variety, you indulge not only in its culinary opulence but also in the canvas of history, tradition, and innovation that swaddles each bead of caviar with meticulous care.

Storage Instructions

To uphold the zest and integrity of Petrossian Ossetra Royal Caviar, store it at a spine-chilling -2°C to 4°C. Nestle your treasure in the coldest bastion of your refrigerator, ideally within a sealed tin or glass jar. Once the seal is broken, gesture the remaining caviar into an airtight containment and bid it rest in the frigidity of your fridge post haste, for it will express its best notes within the fleeting ephemerality of a few days’ grace.

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