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Valrhona Milk Equatoriale Lactee 35% Beans

The quintessential milk chocolate


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Part of the Valrhona Professional Signature Range and made with quality cocoa beans, this beautifully crafted baking chocolate is smooth and creamy, and utterly delightful—both as an ingredient, and as a snack.


The Valrhona Equatoriale Lactée 35% Beans are quintessential milk chocolate. These chocolates showcase a beautifully light and bright color, with a texture that is smooth and creamy. It has a balanced sweetness, and an incredible chocolatey flavor.


This baking milk chocolate is very versatile, and it was made with coating in mind. It’s quick to melt, and will give a nice even finish to your ganache and bonbons. It will give a wonderful chocolate coat to your fruits—dip some strawberries and raspberries in it. You can even drizzle it on top of your ice cream. Switch up your brownies and cookies, and use Valrhona Equatoriale Lactée 35% Bean in your recipe instead of the usual bittersweet or semi-sweet chocolate. If you prefer to eat it on its own, it pairs brilliantly with a good Pinot Noir, or a nice, flavorful Port.


Valrhona is not only a leading brand of chocolate, it’s also France’s number one chocolate attraction. Cité du Chocolat was born in 2006, the result of widely successful and enthusiastically received exhibitions. It opened at the historic factory site in central Tain l’Hermitage, where Valrhona has been based for 90 years.

Cité du Chocolat showcases the company’s history, as well as offers tours, workshops, and live demonstrations. It has exhibits, a shop, and a café. It’s designed to encourage visits from not only trade and gourmet customers, but families, as well. There are specific tours and attractions aimed toward showing children the wonders of chocolate.

Storage Instructions

Store your chocolate feves in a cool, dark place, ideally between 18 to 24°C. You can use the refrigerator, but place the chocolate in an airtight container to keep the moisture and humidity out—and retain its full range of flavors, of course!

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