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El Horreo Fabada Asturiana Bean Stew Kit

Hearty and comforting


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A classic bean stew from the Principality of Asturias in Spain. A comforting and filling dish, made even easier to make by El Horreo.


The delicious Fabada Asturiana is a hearty bean stew made of fabada beans soaked for 12 hours or overnight, morcilla (blood sausage), chorizo, pork belly, and pork shoulder. These are all ingredients you can find in your El Horreo kit, making it so much easier to prepare.

Because it is a hot and heavy dish, it’s commonly eaten during the winter and for lunch. It will fill your kitchen with an intoxicating, tempting smell, and will warm and comfort you as you eat it. a nourishing bean stew, this is perfect for cold nights, or when you just want something hot and filling.


A meal in itself, Fabada Asturiana needs no other accompaniment. Although, pairing it with an Asturian cider, or a red wine would make it even more perfect. We suggest this RamĂłn Bilbao Reserva, or this Quinta da Bica Vinhas Velhas.


El Horreo has been in the business of sausage making from as far back as 1908, when the patriarch, Severino, let his entrepreneurial freedom reign and founded the first El Horreo sausage factory. He used the motto, “Meats recognized under the microscope,” to illustrate and emphasize their commitment to the utmost quality in their products.

Although in around the 1970’s, the company experienced a blow in the form of the folding and failure of Incarsa, a company that was formed by six meat-producing groups, one of which was El Horreo. But that didn’t deter them!

Mari Carmen and Joaquin, descendants of the founder, rebuilt and reinvented El Horreo, making Severino’s dream come to fruition, and putting the family company on the international map.

Storage Instructions

Storage in pantry will suffice. Once cooked, store in fridge and consume within a week from cooking.

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