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Albert Ménès Organic Hummus with Cumin

Exquisite, Authentically Spiced Hummus

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Savor the rich symphony of flavors in Albert Ménès Organic Hummus with Cumin—a blend of traditional authenticity and organic purity.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

The Albert Ménès Organic Hummus with Cumin is an ethereal experience for the palate. Embark on a sensory journey that commences with the earthy base flavor of chickpeas, their nutty undertones setting the stage for the ensemble of ingredients that follow. Tahini, or sesame paste, introduces a rich creaminess to the concoction, a hint of bitterness elegantly juxtaposed against the nuttiness of the chickpeas. A zestful punctuation is then provided by lemon, imparting tangy, citrusy notes that pirouette on the tongue, lending a clean finish to each mouthful. To this already intricate profile, cumin contributes an additional layer. This warm spice, used affectionately across Middle Eastern and Asian cuisines, offers a touch of spice and an earthy profundity. Guérande salt, with its celebrated minerality, acts not only as a seasoning but also as a flavor enhancer, elevating the profile of each ingredient. Lastly, the sharp savoriness of garlic rounds out the tasting experience, its pungency an assertive undercurrent in a sea of complementary flavors. In texture, the hummus is unabashedly creamy and smooth, with a consistency that carries with it the promise of perfect spreadability. The harmonious balance of flavors is indubitably one of organic refinement and culinary expertise, emblematic of the Albert Ménès dedication to gourmet standards.

Pairings & Suggestions

  • Enjoy smeared onto warm pita or as an elegant spread on crusty baguettes.
  • Serve as a traditional Levantine appetizer, alongside olives, charred vegetables, and fresh herbs.
  • Transform into a dressing for a modern Mediterranean salad by thinning with olive oil.
  • Dollop atop a savory tart or use as a base for a gourmet pizza, introducing a novel twist to classical dishes.

    A Gourmet Tapestry of Global Flavors

In the world of delicacies, there resides the legacy of Albert Ménès—a purveyor of fine foods with a cherished heritage in the French gastronomic panorama. The Organic Hummus with Cumin captures the essence of a blend between classical Middle Eastern recipes and French culinary discipline. Each ingredient is a testament to Albert Ménès’s global search for quality and purity, like the Guérande salt, a mineral-rich treasure from the marshes of Brittany, signifying a commitment to the environmental responsibility. This hummus is not just an indulgence but a narration of how traditional foods can be reinvented with the respect they deserve, beautifully aligning with modern values of organic agriculture and sustainability.

Storage Instructions

Upon acquisition, Albert Ménès Organic Hummus with Cumin should reside in a cool, dry place. Once enthroned within the domestic realm and graced by opening, it demands refrigeration and a consummation within a day, such to preserve its illustrious flavors and immaculate consistency.

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