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La Malva Rosa Old Fashioned Parsley Sauce

Tradition-Rich, Herbaceous Delight

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La Malva Rosa Old Fashioned Parsley Sauce encapsulates a rich tapestry of Italian culinary expertise, with flavors deeply rooted in the traditions of Piedmont and Liguria.

Tasting Notes from the Curator

La Malva Rosa Old Fashioned Parsley Sauce is an artisanal masterpiece, a celebration of the fertile valleys and sun-kissed hillsides of Italy. It speaks the language of the Piedmont and Ligurian regions, where the crisp Alpine breezes and the soft murmur of the Mediterranean have shaped a rich culinary culture. The sauce, emerald in color and complex in character, delivers a herbaceous concerto led by the fresh, bright tones of Italian flat-leaf parsley, underscored by a chorus of basil, oregano, and thyme, each herb playing its part in perfect harmony. The addition of DOC wines - Moscato and Freisa - introduces a delicate, whimsical note of fruit and floral whims to the palate. This is complemented by the richness of quality olive oil, forming a velvety counterpoint that marries texture with taste. On the tongue, it unfolds seamlessly, from the punchy, peppery introducing movement to the light, fruity pizzicato of the wine, culminating in a finish that resonates with the earthiness of olive oil. Its body, neither too dense nor too frivolous, is expertly crafted to dress pasta in a coat of flavors that enhances without overpowering. La Malva Rosa Old Fashioned Parsley Sauce is less a condiment and more a medium through which one experiences the storied lands of Northwestern Italy, an edible artifact that encloses within its flavors stories of ancient hills and age-old traditions.

Pairings & Suggestions

  • Ideal draped over egg pasta like tagliatelle for a harmonious marriage of texture and flavor.
  • Complements grilled chicken or fish, creating a symphony of herbal freshness.
  • Perfect as a base for a lush risotto, adding depth and brightness to the dish.

    A Pourable Heirloom from Piedmont & Liguria

La Malva Rosa Old Fashioned Parsley Sauce, a crescendo of aromatic pleasure, is a tribute to the fertile landscapes of Piedmont and Liguria. This sauce is not just a condiment but a narrative of the regions’ past, a culinary heirloom.

Storage Instructions

Keep unopened in a cool, dry place. Refrigerate after opening and use within 5-7 days for ultimate freshness.

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