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Le Fou Pinot Noir

Savory, with ripe tannins

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Formerly labeled as Les Volets Pinot Noir, the Le Fou Pinot Noir is a full red wine, with a balanced palate and warm, rich aromas.


Made with 100% Pinot Noir grapes from Languedoc, the name “Le Fou” translates to “The Madman,” illustrating the myth that only a madman would attempt to produce a perfect Pinot Noir in the south of France. And yet, here is the Le Fou Pinot Noir. Formerly known as Les Volets Pinot Noir, the grapes are picked at optimum ripeness, and has a fuller quality than Pinot Noirs from Burgundy. It has an ABV of 13%, and has warm, rich aromas of black cherry compote, with delicate leafy hints. It’s balanced on the palate, with savory notes, and hints of violets and caramel, and ripe tannins at the finish.


The Le Fou Pinot Noir is lovely with cheeses like Smoked Gouda, Grana Padano, or Gruyere. Enjoy it also with grilled lamb, a home-baked ham, or a wild mushroom risotto.


Grapes are sourced from the wild, rugged landscape of Pays Cathare that surrounds the towns of Carcassonne and Limoux with its argilo–calcaire soils. Home to the AOPs of Languedoc and Limoux, the vineyards do not stop with the AOP geographical limits and it is from these outskirts that some exceptionally interesting wines have been sourced. One of the great advantages of the region is that it benefits from enviable geographic and climatic conditions. The warm Mediterranean sunshine is tempered by the altitude and the cooler nights are characteristic of the foothills of the Pyrenees. These are ideal conditions, allowing for the longer, slower ripening of the grapes and providing a superb base for the elaboration of wines that offer intensity, complexity and finesse.The traditional ‘noble’ grape varieties of Pinot Noir have a natural affinity in the Haute Vallée de l’Aude. Made from mostly hand-picked grapes, this wine has been vinified in large, old oak barrels which impart texture and intensity.

Storage Instructions

Store unopened red wines in a cool, dry, and dark place safe from constant vibration. Keep your bottle horizontal in a wine rack or cellar to retain the moistness of the cork. The ideal temperature for storage is between 16 to 18°C. Once opened, a bottle will be good for 3 to 5 days standing upright in the refrigerator.

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