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8! Botanicals ā€“ Gin and Tonic Cocktail Kit

The G&T Reimagined

InterĀ­estĀ­ed in spicĀ­ing up your cockĀ­tail nights? 8! BotanĀ­iĀ­cals has done all the research for you, putting togethĀ­er a set of herbs and spices to help you become a masĀ­ter of gin and tonics.


For your cockĀ­tail delight and eduĀ­caĀ­tion, 8! BotanĀ­iĀ­cals presents eight natĀ­urĀ­al flaĀ­vorĀ­ings and a comĀ­panĀ­ion recipe bookĀ­let to upgrade your G&T expeĀ­riĀ­ence.

  • Juniperā€”gin wouldnā€™t be gin withĀ­out it, and an extra helpĀ­ing from this kit brings the liquorā€™s resinous, near-floĀ­ral notes to the forefront. 
  • Star anise adds genĀ­tle, licorice-like sweet notes in your drink. 
  • CinĀ­naĀ­mon bark tumĀ­bles you from sweet to spiced notes and brings out the darkĀ­er berry notes in gin
  • Clovesā€”just a few at a timeā€‰ā€”ā€‰take you the extra mile to balĀ­ance out the remainĀ­ing mellowness. 
  • CorianĀ­der seeds lift up your evening conĀ­cocĀ­tion with a litĀ­tle citĀ­rus hit. 
  • Green carĀ­damom, that prince of spices, cools heatĀ­ed flaĀ­vors down. Ginā€™s no chai tea, but youā€™ll feel the same sort of refreshment. 
  • Pink pepĀ­perĀ­cornā€‹ā€™s piney notes play well with juniperā€‰ā€”ā€‰and bring a light berry sweetĀ­ness into the mix. 
  • Dried chili pepĀ­pers take you into a bold final act. Slide one or two of them into your glass for a beauĀ­tiĀ­fulĀ­ly smokey afterburn.


Herbs and spices are well-loved friends in the kitchen, but at the bar, theyā€™re gemĀ­stones weā€™ve only just begun to disĀ­covĀ­er. Gin and tonicā€™s a clasĀ­sic cockĀ­tail: bright, zesty, and refreshĀ­ing at any time of day, it welĀ­comes the addiĀ­tion of herb and spice flaĀ­vor notes with open arms. Our local ARC ArchĀ­iĀ­pelĀ­ago BotanĀ­iĀ­cal Gin is brimĀ­ming with potent botanĀ­iĀ­cals of its own, a showĀ­case of citĀ­ric, fruity notes from all over the PhilipĀ­pines. We splash in FenĀ­tiĀ­mans NatĀ­uĀ­ralĀ­ly Light TonĀ­ic Waterā€”this variĀ­ant has its own light juniper notesā€‰ā€”ā€‰to make our gin and tonĀ­ics. With the flaĀ­vors burstĀ­ing out of the 8! BotanĀ­iĀ­cals kit, your nightĀ­ly G&T becomes an entireĀ­ly fresh expeĀ­riĀ­ence every time.


ā€œThe gin and tonĀ­ic drink has saved more Englishmenā€™s lives and minds than all the docĀ­tors in the Empire.ā€ This ringĀ­ing endorseĀ­ment came from WinĀ­ston Churchill himĀ­self. British colĀ­oĀ­nizĀ­ers on the IndiĀ­an subĀ­conĀ­tiĀ­nent used the bark of the South AmerĀ­iĀ­can cinĀ­chona treeā€‰ā€”ā€‰a disĀ­covĀ­ery by the SpanĀ­ish in what is now Peruā€‰ā€”ā€‰as a treatĀ­ment and preĀ­venĀ­taĀ­tive for malarĀ­ia. UnforĀ­tuĀ­nateĀ­ly, quiĀ­nine, the active ingreĀ­diĀ­ent in this bark, is very bitĀ­ter and they had to dilute it in sugĀ­ar water to make it palatĀ­able. Thus, ā€‹ā€œtonĀ­ic waterā€ was born. When the new health drink became comĀ­merĀ­cialĀ­ized and was marĀ­ketĀ­ed to British expats in India, it was only natĀ­urĀ­al that they mixed it with gin to refresh themĀ­selves in the humid tropĀ­iĀ­cal climes.

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Store in a cool dry place.

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