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Pre-Ordered Fresh Air-flown Line Caught John Dory from Brittany

Peculiarly, Delicately Creamy

The John Dory (oth­er­wise known as St. Pierre’s Fish or St. Peter’s Fish) may raise a few eye­brows for its odd appear­ance, but this thin, flat-bod­ied fish is pop­u­lar in French cui­sine for its del­i­cate, flaky, flesh.


This salt­wa­ter fish is known for its mild, slight­ly sweet fla­vor and the moist, firm but flaky tex­ture of its del­i­cate white flesh. Low in fat, it is nonethe­less com­pa­ra­ble to tur­bot, sole, and brill because of its but­tery mouth­feel. More often served as a fil­let than as a whole fish, it can be found in the North Atlantic and cool­er por­tions of the South Pacif­ic. This fish is a favorite in New Zealand, Aus­tralia, the Unit­ed King­dom, and con­ti­nen­tal Europe.


John Dory fil­lets are won­der­ful for sautĂ©ing, steam­ing, and poach­ing, per­fect with a side of grilled aspara­gus or sautĂ©ed greens like spinach, kale, or Swiss chard. Because of their mild taste, they work great with stronger-tast­ing seafoods in soups, stews, and bouil­l­abaisse. The head and bones make a light, pleas­ing stock. 

This fish calls for white wines in gen­er­al — Chardon­nays, Meur­sault, or semi-dry whites from the CĂ´te de Provence — but a young Mer­lot or Syrah (Shi­raz) from Cal­i­for­nia are love­ly choic­es as well.


Because of its metal­lic gold­en sheen, John Dory sup­pos­ed­ly gets its name from the French words ​“jaune doré”, which means yel­low gold. The sin­gle round mark on its side is linked to St. Peter, the Patron Saint of Fish­er­men. Old fish­er-folk tales say that St. Peter touched the fish and the black spot is his thumbprint. More like­ly, this thumbprint, which resem­bles a giant eye, is meant to con­fuse and dis­ori­ent large predators.


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Storage Instructions

For the best fla­vor and qual­i­ty, fish should be pre­pared for eat­ing the same day it is brought home, but it can be stored for two to three days in a refrig­er­a­tor at a cool 4°C. You can store fish fil­lets in air­tight bags in the freez­er for up to a month. Cooked left­overs should be cooled and refrig­er­at­ed as soon as pos­si­ble and con­sumed with­in three days. 

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