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Dom Petroff Mother-of-Pearl Spoon

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Caviar, synonymous with luxury, not only deserves but requires special tools to appreciate its full flavor and aroma. Dom Petroff supplies these carefully carved mother-of-pearl spoons to be used especially with their highly sought-after products.



Dom Petroff has been importing and selling caviar in France since the 1970s, and is an offshoot of a family business in the same line that started in the 1920s. They are a leader in French caviar sales, all their products matured in-house in Paris workshops and hand-packed after a maturation period of 6 to 18 months. Though they used to get their sturgeon wild-caught, since 2008, to adhere to global ethical standards, all their caviar now comes from farm-raised fish.


Caviar absorbs the flavor of the materials it touches, the same way it absorbs salt. Metal interferes with the delicate flavors, so even the tins they are placed in have to be treated with non-reactive coating prior to packing. What does that leave you with? Mother-of-pearl, another beautifully prized gift of the sea, is seen as the perfect partner for this luxury catch. Take a spoonful of caviar straight from the tin, bring it up to your mouth, close to your nose, and inhale its fragrance. When you place the pearly grains in your mouth, do not chew, but use your tongue to savor the caviar’s delicate flavor.

Storage Instructions

Clean your spoons with mild soap and water and dry them with soft cloth. Place them in a special velvet or other soft-cloth container to keep them from losing their inimitable gloss.

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