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Ikeda Seicha Kagoshima Matcha Tea Powder #3

From the masters of matcha

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Ikeda Seicha is best known for their matcha, which they get from the Kagoshima Prefecture and is always of the highest quality.


Matcha comes from green tea leaves that are especially grown and processed, and ground into a very fine powder. Its bright green color is very distinct, as is its flavor profile.

The Ikeda Seicha Kagoshima Matcha Tea Powder comes from the Kagoshima Prefecture in Japan, the second largest tea-producing prefecture in the country. It smells refreshingly like fresh leaves—a beautifully pleasant grassy smell. It has a unique astringency and bitterness, with an intense, grassy flavor, and background notes of sweetness.


This matcha powder’s flavor is intense and powerful, making it perfect to use as flavoring for drinks and baked goods. Blend together a banana, some ice cubes, matcha powder, and your choice of milk together to make a refreshing matcha smoothie. Make a matcha latte—it’s delicious both iced and hot!

It’s also great for baking. Make a matcha swirl pound cake, matcha cookies, matcha crinkles, a matcha panna cotta, a matcha Swiss roll—the possibilities are endless!


Ikeda Seicha is a company that takes tea very seriously. Founded in 1945 by Kenta Ikeda’s grandfather in Kagoshima, Japan, it has cemented its role as a name in Japanese tea, particularly matcha. This is thanks, in most part, to Kenta Ikeda himself, who was born in his family’s tea shop and from the very beginning, developed a love and passion for the art of tea making that he will bring his whole life.

Kenta Ikeda became a certified 10th level Chashi, or tea master, in 2014. It’s a distinction so prestigious that in the 65 years since the certification began, only 13 other people in the entire world have been given it. A Master Tea Maker is able to source tea leaves from different places, and is able to attest these leaves according to their properties and ascertain how best to use them. This is the best indicator of Ikeda Seicha’s superior place in the world of tea.

Storage Instructions

Store your tea in odor-free, airtight containers. Keep them in a dry, dark place to avoid exposure to heat, excessive light, and humidity. Properly stored, teas will retain full potency and flavor for 18 to 24 months.

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