Pine Berries ( White Strawberries )

Exotic and Pineapple-like

The word “pineberry” is a fusion of the words “pineapple” and “strawberry” and refers to a relatively new pale pink or pale orange to white strawberry cultivar that is adorned with red achenes. The fruit produced by pineberry plants is very aromatic and has flavor that most say is reminiscent of pineapple while retaining the texture and feel of a strawberry. The pineberry, or pineapple strawberry, is considered a novelty at present.

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Tasting Notes from the Curator

A truly unique variety of strawberry, the Pineberry is small and round. It has an interesting white to light pink color on the outside, dotted by deep red seeds. The flesh inside is also white, and is juicy and plump.

Its name, a fusion of “pineapple” and “strawberry,” tells you much about this fascinating fruit. It’s very aromatic, and its flavor like nothing else. To bite into a Pineberry is truly like biting into a combination of pineapple and strawberry, with its taste is reminiscent to the spiky fruit, but retaining the texture and feel of a strawberry.

Sourced with care by Hollyberry

Hollyberry is a company who offers fresh berries all year round in Europe and is a subsidiary of France Food, an entity specializing in the berry business with more than 40 years of experience.

In close partnership with producers and suppliers, Hollyberry can guarantee berries of the best quality and the best taste.

With their network of growers around the world, they can offer berries all year round, from our different locations in France (Rungis, Perpignan, Cavaillon), Spain (Huelva), and The Netherlands (Strijen).


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If possible, consume immediately. To store, transfer berries into a bigger container with a lid (avoid airtight containers to avoid moisture build-up), lined with paper towels to absorb moisture. Refrigerate, and consume within 4 to 7 days.

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